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First Neshoba Federal Credit Union began its mission in 1964 with total deposits of $35.00 and seven owners, each giving an equal share.  Today, we are 4,400 strong and over $14 million in assets.  Your share represents ownership and equality in the Credit Union and we appreciate your support and loyalty representing First Neshoba FCU in the community we serve.  Your share gives you a voice and a vote in how your credit union is managed.  As an owner, and a shareholder, you’ll receive the highest quality of service available.  You have control of your money and how it is used to work for you and your community.  We value and welcome your suggestions and comments.


We understand the needs of the citizens of our community and are devoted to helping you achieve your financial goals.  No matter how you access your credit union, whether online or through the front door, you are home.  Invite your family and friends to become owners so they too may experience the difference in financial service delivery.

How is a Credit Union Different?

A credit union is a member-owned, nonprofit organization. By law, credit unions must not earn a profit at the end of the year. The credit union reinvests its earnings to enhance services, provide the best rates, or return the earnings to the members in the form of a dividend. There are no hidden fees and operating costs are kept to a minimum. Credit unions exist to serve their membership.

Banks are for-profit businesses, with the overhead and expenses associated with running a company.


You do business with a bank; you own your credit union.